Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Are They Real?

Why is everyone always asking me that? Is it weird that I get a little offended by this question? Of course they are real! I'm way too afraid to go under the knife anyway. What if something goes wrong??? Yet it still always catches me a little off guard when I'm asked this. I guess maybe it's because they are just so...big...

Anyway, one day when I was out with my friend, I finally got it. She mentioned that she was thinking about getting a pair too and wanted to know where I got mine. At first I thought it was a really stupid question because 1. She doesn't even need them. 2. Isn't it obvious? This is LA, you can find them anywhere. But, after I got home and thought about her problem, I realized something- just because I'm blessed with naturally poor eye sight & really dry eyes that don't allow me to wear contacts for more than four hours doesn't mean that I'm the only one who should enjoy really cute glasses-- You did know that I was talking about Glasses Frames, right? Anyway, -- She wants to wear really cute fake glasses, because everyone wants to look a little extra smart, extra hipster, or extra nerdy sometimes. - and Ta'Da! And idea was born. 

I got a pair of Ray-Ban 'Wayfarer' grey rubberized polarized sunglasses from Bloomingdale's for under $100 & took them to my eye doctor who turned the mirrored sunglass lenses into prescription lenses and I now had my new one of a kind eye glasses! Most good eye doctors can turn almost any sunglasses into regular eye glasses if the frames are not too curved. Just make sure you buy them at a place with a good return policy in case they can't ( both Nordstrom & Bloomingdale's are pretty good). The best part is that when you get tired of your eye glasses and want a new pair, well guess what, you can just take the lenses out and pop back in the original tinted ones and you have a brand new pair of shades! For those of you who don't actually need glasses but want a cooler pair than the hipster party store has to offer just take your frames into an eye doctor and see about having them put in a better quality "fake" lens. 

If I ever do get brave enough to go under the knife for lasik eye surgery I'll have so many rad glasses to make shades. 



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